Calcispheres from the vaca muerta formation (Tithonian) in the Arroyo Covunco section, Neuquén Province

Ruffo Rey, L.J.; Kietzmann, D.A.; Bressan, G.S
Año de la publicación: 
2 018
Revista de la Asociacion Geologica Argentina. 75(2):229-242
A parataxonomic, taphonomic, and biostratigraphic study of the calcispheres from the Vaca Muerta Formation (Tithonian) was carried out at the Arroyo Covunco section (Zapala, Neuquén province). We considered 215 specimens from 20 fertile samples collected every 3-10 m along 150 m of outcrop. The identified association includes 5 genera and 8 species (with 2 subspecies) already known for the Tethyan realm and the Neuquén Basin. In order to assess the existence of taphonomic biases, the effects of dissolution and neomorphism on the calcispheres walls were analysed. Vertical variations were observed in preservation, which were related primary to lithofacial differences. This allowed defining, for the first time, 5 categories of taphonomic modification to characterize the associations. Four bioevents of global importance were identified (FOs of C. pulla, P. malmica, C. tenuis and C. fortis), allowing to recognize the typical Tithonian Committosphaera tithonica?, Parastomiosphaera malmica, Colomisphaera tenuis and Colomisphaera fortis calcisphere biozones. The results of this study have allowed to adjust the position of the events with respect to previous works in the Neuquén Basin. © 2018, Asociacion Geologica Argentina. All rights reserved.