Cambrian-Ordovician remagnetized carbonates of the Argentine Eastern Precordillera: Preliminary results on magnetic properties

Sabrina Y. Fazzito, Augusto E. Rapalini
Año de la publicación: 
2 013
Latinmag Letters, Volume 3, Special Issue (2013), PB06, 1-6. Proceedings Montevideo, Uruguay
Palaeomagnetic evidence has suggested that the Lower Palaeozoic carbonatic platform of the Argentine Precordillera was affected by a regional event of remagnetization occurred during the Late Palaeozoic, possibly related to the Sanrafaelic Orogeny. Though detailed magnetic mineralogy research in these carbonates could provide clues to the geologic processes involved in this phenomenon, systematic study is still necessary. The present work presents the preliminary results on the magnetic properties of five Middle Cambrian to Early Ordovician carbonatic formations (limestones to dolomites) exposed in the Eastern Precordillera which carry a post-folding magnetization assigned to a Permian age and associated to the Sanrafaelic remagnetizing event.