Corrigendum to "Paleomagnetic studies on the late Ediacaran - Early Cambrian Puncoviscana and the late Cambrian Campanario formations, NW Argentina: New paleogeographic constraints for the Pampia terrane" [J. S. Am. Earth Sci. 70 (2016) 145-161]

Franceschinis, Pablo R.; Rapalini, Augusto E.; Escayola, Monica P.; Luppo, Tomás
Año de la publicación: 
2 018
Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Volume 85, p. 374-374.
The authors lament the erroneous presentation of the paleomagnetic pole corresponding to the Campanario Formation, which appears as 18.2°S, 358.8°W, in the Abstract and in the Conclusions sections. The correct values are 18.2°N, 358.8°E. Statistical values remain unchanged. Values presented in Table 2 are correct too.