A reevaluation of PaleoAmerican Artifacts from Jaywamachay Rockshelter, Ayacucho Valley, Peru

Juan Yataco Capcha & Hugo G. Nami
Año de la publicación: 
2 016
PaleoAmerica A journal of early human migration and dispersal Volume 2, 2016 - Issue 4
As part of the “Botanical Archaeological Project Ayacucho-Huanta” in central Peru, excavations at Jaywamachay rockshelter were performed in 1969–1970. To reevaluate the rockshelter's oldest human occupations, remains from its lower levels (layers J2 and J3) are currently under study. Based on new radiocarbon dates and technological/morphological observations made of tools, we confirm that Jaywamachay is one of the few dated sites with evidence of hunter–gatherers using fishtail points in highland Peru during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition.