Sedimentation model of piggyback basins: Cenozoic examples of San Juan Precordillera, Argentina

J. Suriano, C. O. Limarino, A. M. Tedesco and M. S. Alonso
Año de la publicación: 
2 014
Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 399, 221-244, 28 February 2014
Piggyback basins are one of the most important sediment storage systems for foredeep basins within foreland basin systems, so understanding the dynamics of sediment accumulation and allocyclic changes is essential. Three alluvial systems are proposed here to depict sediment movement along the piggyback basin: piedmont, axial and transference systems. We propose differentiation between open continental piggyback basins that include a transference system that is able to deliver sediment to the foredeep and closed piggyback basins that are isolated. Two idealized models of sedimentation in piggyback basins are proposed. For open piggyback basins we identify four stages: (a) the incision stage; (b) the confined low accommodation system tract; (c) the high accommodation system tract; and (d) the unconfined low accommodation system tract. Meanwhile two stages are proposed for closed ones: (a) the high accommodation system tract; and (b) the low accommodation system tract. To test these models, Quaternary deposits and a Miocene unit are analysed. The first one is controlled by climatic changes, and the second is related to tectonic activity in the Precordillera.